Today’s the Day, Writers!

There’s a Twitter Pitch Party today. It’s a golden opportunity to pitch your novel to agents and editors and meet fellow writers in the process. It’s a great community over there so get involved. The hashtag is #pitmad. It’s simple. If you receive a favorite/star to your tweet then that means the corresponding agent/editor wants to view more of your work. It’s a request for pages! Here’s the official link to the rules, but I’ll post some things you need to know below.

  1. Your manuscript must be complete and polished. Don’t pitch if you aren’t done writing it yet or haven’t given it the proper edits.
  2. You only have Twitter’s 140 character limit to say what needs to be said. Be compelling and concise. Show the stakes and consequences of your plot or the MC’s struggle.
  3. You MUST include the hashtag #pitmad! And it’s really helpful if you also include your genre. For example, at the end of my pitches I’m including YA Thriller or YA Contemporary. You can abbreviate. Everyone knows it’s a lot to include in a short space. EX: YAThrill or YA-Cont
  4.  Don’t favorite other pitches. If you like another writer’s pitch and want to show your support, that is absolutely awesome and encouraged. But don’t do so by favoriting the pitch. That’s for agents and editors only. If you like it, retweet or comment. Giving a false favorite is giving false hope.
  5. Don’t hog the feed. Control how often you post. Keep it to only two pitches per hour. If you over-pitch your work, people will notice and most likely be turned off.
  6. If you get a favorite, congratulations! That agent wants more material. Go to their profile and look up their submission guidelines. If you can’t find it, politely ask and/or look at their official agency website if in doubt.

That’s about it! Check out this hilarious and informative blog for more info on what NOT to do! Good luck! I hope to read your pitches today!

More questions? Post below.


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