My PitchWars Mentee Bio- What You Need to Know. Or Not. You Decide.

I’m young and impressionable. I’ll take your feedback and critiques and adapt accordingly. I trust that you know your stuff, and if you say jump I’ll say…well…I’ll probably ask if I can just sit instead. Physical activity was never really my thing. But you know what I mean. I’m here to learn.

Speaking of learning, I’m still a student, so learning is sort of what I do. I have 8 classes left until I’ll graduate from Southern New Hampshire University with a BA in Creative Writing. I study online because I actually live in Kentucky with my husband and our three miniature Schnauzers.

Even though I’m 24 and ready to be molded, I’m also extremely dedicated and disciplined. In the past two years I’ve written three novels. You’re currently holding the query for my third. Out of those three books, I have no problem admitting that the first isn’t ready to be published. It’s too long, full of unnecessary details, and needs work. But I began it when I was 13. It’s where I started. It’s where I grew up. I can recognize when my work isn’t ready, and it makes me even more devoted to work harder and improve.

I love YA. It’s all I read. It’s what I love to write. The people in my life don’t read as much YA as I do so I’d be happy to talk your ear off about all those books and authors I love. If you even mention Andrew Smith though, I’ll squee all over the place, so you have been warned. YA books overflow my bookshelf. I think I have more stacks of books in the floor than on the shelves, but that’s actually something I’m proud of. I love my YA library.

I may quote the following things at random: Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, Fight Club, The Breakfast Club, The Princess Bride, Lost, and Psych. However, I’m also well-practiced in self-restraint if random quoting is a problem.

Besides reading and writing, I love videogames, animals (especially penguins), and Converse and Vans.

Some writers live off of coffee, I choose Mountain Dew.

That’s it. Thanks for reading, and thank you even more for taking me into consideration.


If you’re wondering what this was for it’s for a contest called PitchWars that I’ve entered. All the mentee hopefuls were allowed to post personal bios for their mentor picks to read. More info on great writers and participants can be found here: http://dcmorin.blogspot.com/2013/12/pitchwars-mentee-contender-bio-blog-hop.html

Read about PitchWars here: http://www.brenda-drake.com/pitch-wars/


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