How to Be Cool: High School Stories Part2

Here are some more true stories of my high school days and the things I did to be cool.

The Ear Piercings

So I wanted my ears pierced again, but I knew my mom wouldn’t let me much less offer to pay for it. I already had two holes in each ear. I wanted a third and a cartilage piercing up top. I met a girl who’d done it before without using a piercing gun or anything. She told me to bring the earrings I had gotten my ears pierced with originally because they were pointy and sharp at the end. I still had the studs so I cleaned them and brought them to school. We had a class (photography) where the teacher was never really there much. So she made little dots on my ears like they do at Claire’s, let me check in a mirror, and then it was time. She pushed and twisted through each layer of skin until the studs popped out the other side.

I came home that day with four new piercings. Sorry, mom.

The Nose Piercing

You had to see this coming. I wanted a nose ring so bad back then. After that year of public school I decided to go the home school route. (Yeah, high school was all over the place. Each year was something new). Anyway, I was listening to a lot of punk, pop punk, and the like, and all my favorite bands had piercings. Facial piercings.

I wanted my nose pierced so I could wear a ring, not a stud, because nose rings meant punk rock, and nose studs just meant pop. I mean, even the preppy girls had little diamond studs, and that just wasn’t cool. I had to show them how it was done. But again, I knew my mom would say no. I was only sixteen.

I’d seen how that girl had pierced my ears so I figured it had to be the same idea. I took one of those studs, placed it where I wanted it, and pushed. It eventually went through the other side, and surprisingly didn’t hurt too much.

I called my mom to let her know. It was an awkward conversation, but I was afraid if she came home and was surprised by it she might rip it out and yell at me. I was giving her time to get used to the idea. And she let me keep it. After a few weeks, I took the stud out, and replaced it with a hoop. Punk rock for life, baby.

The Outfit That Got Me Sent Home From School

During that one year of public high school I wore an outfit that got me in trouble. It wasn’t even that bad. I’d seen worse and those girls never got sent home. Okay so I had these black and white striped tights, a black fishnet skirt, and a sleeveless Snow White t-shirt. I figured you couldn’t complain about the skirt being too short because I had tights on. But the shirt was kind of short, and I guess you could see half an inch of stomach or something.

Anyway, it was deemed unacceptable pretty much as soon as I stepped into the halls after being dropped off. I did as they asked and changed because I was scared of getting in trouble, remember? I thought I could wear something like that and it would be okay because I didn’t think anyone noticed me enough to call me out or haul me to the office.

I came back in jeans and a band t-shirt and a crushed spirit. Conformity won that day. But I was still cool because I was the girl that got sent home. Oh yeah.

Check out yesterday’s post for the first installment!  And stop by tomorrow for an interview with author, Tabitha Short!

What are your high school stories? What did you do to be cool in high school? Reply below!



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3 responses to “How to Be Cool: High School Stories Part2

  1. You got sent home for wearing those clothes? Gosh. In my school, you have to wear gym strip if you get caught wearing something you shouldn’t. If you don’t take gym (it’s not a required course), you get to wear the “loaner” gym strip. The gym strips are not flattering and the “loaner” strip is disgusting, so few people break the rules in a way that they can’t cover up with a hoodie.

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